Question: Why is no one watching my video

ANSWER: In order for your video to get a lot of views, YouTube must recommend your video to many people, but YouTube only recommends videos that contain lots of LIKE, COMMENT and your video must be watched until the end by the audience.

So if at first your video has no interactions such as likes, comments and viewing duration by previous viewers, then don’t expect your video to get a lot of views. Basically, to get a view you have to get a view first and that’s the function of the promotional services we provide, namely to Promote your videos so that people can watch them and get likes, comments and even subscribers so that in the future your videos can be more recommended by YouTube because they have received a lot of interactions such as likes, comments and subscribers.

Will my video be watched by real people?

Your video will be watched 100% original human YouTube user, this can be proven from the LIKE, and COMMENT that you get, We really keep your channel safe from suspending YouTube, therefore we prohibit the use of bots, Our goal is for YouTubers can expand their channels quickly, therefore you need native views

What is the function of viralnow.org?

Viralnow.org is a platform to promote your YouTube videos and channels, we can help your YouTube channel grow fast

How does Viralnow promote my videos and who will watch my videos later?

We will analyze your video, and understand your target audience, in essence we will show your video to people who are happy and interested in your video

Does Viralnow Guarantee I will get SUBSCRIBER, LIKE, and COMMENT?

Your video will be promoted and watched by real people, therefore we do not guarantee that you will get subscribers, likes, etc. However, usually 90% of the videos we promote get results like SUBSCRIBER, LIKE, and COMMENT

TIPS: Be careful with service providers at low prices and guarantee you get subscribers, likes, etc. because it could be a fake Sub and can cause your channel to be suspended by Youtube